Creative Problem Solving with a Mullet

Demystifying MacGyver is brand new workshop designed and instructed by Evan Booth, creator of Terminal Cornucopia. The mission of Demystifying MacGyver is threefold:

  1. Equip attendees by covering the theoretical and practical fundamentals of creative problem solving
  2. Inspire attendees with real-world examples
  3. Engage attendees with hands-on exercises

Who would benefit from Demystifying MacGyver?

Regardless of the industry, one's ability to successfully apply unorthodox thinking to solve problems is the fuel that powers progress and innovation. That said, Demystifying MacGyver is ideal for any small- to medium-sized groups. The condensed, drink-from-the-firehose option makes this workshop the perfect addition to your company or organization’s “lunch and learn” schedule, while the half-day format is perfect for the company retreat or conference line-up.


The cost of bringing Demystifying MacGyver to your organization will depend on workshop duration, group size, and site location. Use the form below to start the conversation!


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About the instructor

Growing up, it was a safe bet that if an object around the house was held together with screws or contained any number of wires, Evan “treefort” Booth took it apart at some point to see what made it tick. In 4th grade, with the help of strategically placed pens, erasers, and a Pop-Tarts wrapper, Evan's pencil box could quickly be converted into a model rocket launchpad. This “junkyard ingenuity” and a never-ending supply of curiosity eventually led to a career in software development, as well as a deep fascination with physical security.

In his most recent project, Terminal Cornucopia, Evan set out to demonstrate how difficult it would be for an attacker to construct lethal weapons in a typical airport terminal after the security screening. After successfully building an arsenal consisting of everything from simple melee weapons to reload able firearms to a remotely-triggered incendiary suitcase, Terminal Cornucopia garnered international media attention and attracted viewers from nearly every country on the planet.

Testimonials for Evan Booth

I always try to get a different style of presentation for the closing keynote at HouSecCon so my attendees feel like the con was wrapped up nicely. Evan Booth’s Terminal Cornucopia presentation fit that perfectly. Everyone was impressed and awed at how Evan’s brain works. Out-of-the-box thinking, non-traditional information security content, great presentation skills, and confidence in the material is a great recipe for awesomesauce.

Michael R. Farnum
Founder, HouSecCon

Evan is an amazing speaker — brilliant, thoughtful, creative, and inspirational. He has a unique ability to tie disparate ideas together in an entertaining fashion, all while moving an audience to take meaningful action. Not only are his talks are a lot of fun, but also there's real meat to the underlying ideas that can help motivate people to be more clever and creative.

Ed Skoudis
Founder, Counter Hack

The TSA is no match for this mad scientist and his gun made with junk from airport stores.

Fast Company